Water Lily 8" Fan
2 x 8 Seneca Brick, Brushed Nickel @ Hewing Hotel
Glazed Quarry Pavers Snow, Cement, Ebony
SenecaStudio Sea Glass
2 x 8 Seneca Brick, Snow White
Blue Lagoon 8" Fan
2 x 8 Seneca Brick, Glacier Blend
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Celebrating the warmth and authenticity of naturally made ceramic tiles

Quarry Pavers, Quarry Tiles

Quarry Pavers

Circles, Diamonds, Trapezoids

with small Coastal Blue insert


Snow, Cement, Platinum, Steel, Ebony

Glazed Thin Brick

2x8 Water Lily, Greenhouse Juice Store


SenecaStudio Color Palette

SenecaStudio Matte

SenecaStudio Matte Color Palette


Metallics Color Palette3

Quick Ship Tiles

Frost Blend

Seneca Glazed

Seneca Glazed Color Palette

Seneca Satins

Seneca Satins Color Palette

Seneca Blends

8" hex Titanium, Graphite and Slate with hex deco insert

Seneca Textures

Textures Palette

Seneca Mosaics

Snow, Cement, Platinum, Steel

Quarry Unglazed

Unglazed Bee Hive Collection Beige Flashed Blend


Arctic White, Eggshell & Shadow

Handmold Studio

SenecaStudio Handmold Color Palette

Handmold Studio Matte

Handmold Studio Matte Color Palette

Handmold Old World

Old World Color Palette

Handmold Seneca Select

SenecaSelect Color Palette

Handmold Renaissance


Handmold Reflections

Reflections palette

Handmold Blends

Glacier Blend

Handmold Mosaics

Mosaic 1 x 6 Arctic White

Seneca Cotto

Seneca Cotto

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Seneca Tiles manufactures Ohio-made ceramic tile for
residential & commercial interiors and exteriors,
including glazed and unglazed tile, thin brick, terracotta, and wood mold handmade tile!

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check out our other brand ~ Eprotile »