Handmold Blends

Glacier Blend

Glacier Blend

Create a completely unique installation by grouping three or four colors of the rich varied palette of Seneca Tiles into a Blend in Handmold.  Bauhaus to Art Deco, Arts & Crafts to Mid Century Modern,  you create your own Blend or choose from Handmold Blend. Create your own Blend or choose from Seneca’s Standard Handmold Blends:
• Glacier – Arctic White, Eggshell, Shadow
• Bianca – Arctic White, Shadow
• Bahama – Blue Lagoon, Sea Glass, Water Lily
• Castle – Bluestone, Limestone
• Villa – Bluestone, Limestone, Flagstone
• Key Largo – Evergreen, Forest Green, Moss Green
• Coconut – Honey, Espresso, Mocha
• New England – Aquamarine, Deep Sea Blue, Forest Green
• Desert – Adobe, Sedona, Sierra
• Rainforest – Evergreen, Forest Green, Moss Green, Sapphire
• Iceland – Driftwood, Pewter, Sandalwood
• Caribbean – Moss Green, Peacock, Perwinkle
• Muir Woods – Cedar, Honey, Sandalwood


Photos on the website may vary dependent on your computer or device. It’s always best to ask your Seneca Tile distributor for current run color samples.