Handmold Blends

Glacier Blend

Glacier Blend

Create a completely unique installation by grouping three or four colors of the rich varied palette of Seneca Tiles into a Blend in Handmold.  Bauhaus to Art Deco, Arts & Crafts to Mid Century Modern,  you create your own Blend or choose from Handmold Blend. Create your own Blend or choose from Seneca’s Standard Handmold Blends:
• Glacier – Arctic White, Eggshell, Shadow
• Bianca – Arctic White, Shadow
• Bahama – Blue Lagoon, Sea Glass, Water Lily
• Castle – Bluestone, Limestone
• Villa – Bluestone, Limestone, Flagstone
• Key Largo – Evergreen, Forest Green, Moss Green
• Coconut – Honey, Espresso, Mocha
• New England – Aquamarine, Deep Sea Blue, Forest Green
• Desert – Adobe, Sedona, Sierra
• Rainforest – Evergreen, Forest Green, Moss Green, Sapphire
• Iceland – Driftwood, Pewter, Sandalwood
• Caribbean – Moss Green, Peacock, Perwinkle
• Muir Woods – Cedar, Honey, Sandalwood


Photos on the website may vary dependent on your computer or device. It’s always best to ask your Seneca Tile distributor for current run color samples.


Photo color may vary depending on your device. We recommend requesting color samples from your Seneca Tile distributor.