About Seneca Tiles

Seneca Tiles express the warmth of the human hand


For over 100 years, small factories were built near rich clay deposits that dot the Midwest. Their products were the bricks that built the growing towns and the tiles that drained the farmers’ fields. Their kilns, as big as houses, were made of brick and shaped like beehives. Since 1978, Seneca Tiles craftsmen have engaged in the ancient art of tilemaking. Using methods dating back to the turn of the century, their efforts have produced a truly remarkable group of products unlike any other found in the mainstream marketplace today.

All Seneca Tiles products are the result of using generally abandoned techniques that impart a unique character to each and every tile. These valuable techniques were discarded by virtually all tile manufacturers to accommodate the demands of mass production, sacrificing the natural, desirable characteristics of the clays and glazes. This has resulted in a limited selection within most tile lines.

Seneca Tiles has chosen a different approach –

Seneca has chosen to resurrect the more traditional methods, providing handcrafted, handmade, and handglazed tiles… tiles that express the warmth of the human hand. Instead of masking the natural variations of the tiles with highly refined ingredients made under laboratory-like conditions, the Seneca Tiles philosophy celebrates the inherent characteristics of naturally made tiles.

It is this difference that inspires architects and designers to include Seneca Tiles in some of their finest creations as well as in their own homes.

Unglazed Quarry Pavers embody the best characteristics of a functional quarry tile while maintaining the warmth of hand-crafted brick pavers. The wide variety of glazed tiles and pavers offer unique possibilities for both floor and wall applications, interiors and exteriors.  The many choices in color ranges and standard sizes and shapes further the design possibilities of these dynamic tiles.