Handmold Reflections

Handmold Reflections Color Palette

Reflections tiles are a series of translucent, gloss glazes that exhibit random shades of concentrated colors, accentuated by the varied pressures of hand forming.

Handmold Trim Sizes and Shapes

NOTE: The unique nature of the Reflections Collection colors are such that we recommend a minimum of two, thorough coats of Aqua Mix Sealers Choice Gold 15 penetrating sealer, or an equivalent, be applied to the tile and grout joints as soon as possible after grouting. This will help prevent liquids from penetrating the glaze or body of the tile.

IMPORTANT: In regularly wet areas, such as a shower, it is common for Reflections tile to darken and lighten as they become wet and then dry. In cooking areas, around a stove on counter and backsplashes, cooking oil splatters should be cleaned up as soon as possible, as oils may permanently darken some tiles. It is suggested that you reseal these areas of Reflections tiles periodically to help maintain their resistance to liquid penetration. Still, some spotting from liquid penetration is possible.


Photo color may vary depending on your device. We recommend requesting color samples from your Seneca Tile distributor.