Leeds and Green

LEED & Green Information

We are proud of the way we treat the environment by using clays sourced within 100 miles of our facility that are then minimally processed from their natural state through to the finished product.

This fact may aid in LEEDS points awarded for regionally manufactured materials. (LEED Categories 5.1 &/or 5.2) Ceramic tiles by their very nature are inert, non-combustible, non-toxic and are completely free of any volatile organic compounds.

Further, ceramic tiles allow for the use of low VOC adhesives & grouts that will not reduce indoor environmental air quality. We recycle a waste product of coal fired electricity production into the body of many of our unglazed tiles.

Additionally, we reclaim our own liquid waste glaze residue and our scrap clay and put it back into our clay body, which makes our already dense clay body all the more durable. Heat captured from our kilns is used to dry our tiles prior to firing, as well as heat much of our plant during cooler months. These measures not only help maintain the environment, but eliminate several items from the waste stream.

Even our off grade tiles are stacked in our yard and picked over endlessly by residential and commercial users alike to create their own individual masterpieces so they never end up in a landfill. In short, the recycled use of post-industrial materials in our tiles, the low impact manufacturing methods we use and products we make with abundant, local raw materials and the reclamation of much of our own waste help us achieve our goal to help keep our environment clean and safe.

Seneca Quarry Pavers conform to ANSI 137.1 as Special Purpose Tile. Our tiles are produced, graded and packed to our stated specifications. When requested by the purchaser prior to production, a Master Grade Certificate may be issued certifying compliance with properties mutually agreed upon by purchaser and Seneca Tiles Inc.