Unglazed Tile Maintenance

We recommend 2 coats of Sealers Choice Gold from Aqua Mix or its equivalent, be applied to all unglazed tiles prior to grouting. This will aid in grout cleanup and help prevent staining from dark or contrasting grout.

Upon completion of the installation, mop with a concentrated solution of Aqua Mix Neutral Cleaner and cover during remainder of construction. Do not rinse.

When ready to use, wash and rinse the floor to remove any remaining construction dirt and excessive cleaning solution.

To provide a somewhat more “finished” look, apply one or two thin coats of Floor Shine & Hardener from Aqua Mix. Periodic resealing will provide an easily maintainable finish.

Please Note: In cooking areas, around stove, on counters and backsplashes, cooking oil splatters should be cleaned as soon a possible, as oils may permanently darken some tiles. Extra sealing care should be use din these areas. It is suggested that you reseal these areas periodically to help maintain their resistance to liquid penetration. Still some spotting from liquid penetration is possible

Vacuum or sweep with a treated dust mop regularly to remove loose materials from floors that might act as an abrasive under foot or immediately prior to wet cleaning.

Remove spills and tracking as soon as possible with a damp mop or sponge. Especially tough soils (such as asphalt tracking) may require a more chemically aggressive cleaning agent.

For damp moping or scrubbing mix a solution of Aqua Mix Neutral Cleaner or other neutral cleaners per label instructions. A double bucket system is best, one for fresh cleaning solution and one to receive dirty solution removed from the floor. Apply a liberal amount of clean solution to the floor and scrub with a rayon wet mop or sponge mop. For stubborn spots or grout lines, use a stiff bristle brush. Do not allow solution to dry on the floor.

Remove dirty cleaning solution form the floor with a wet vacuum or mop. Rinse thoroughly to be sure all dirty cleaning solution has been removed. Failure to rinse the floor my affect slip resistance.

Let floor dry before allowing traffic.

After several cleanings, it is possible dry buff the floor with a polishing pad to achieve a satin luster.