1x6 Quarry Pavers snow, cement, cottonwood

Create a completely unique installation by grouping three or four colors of the rich varied palette of Quarry Paver tile into a pre-packaged Blend.

Create your own Blend or choose from Seneca’s Standard Blends:

Carrara Blend: Cement & Snow
Cathedral Blend: Graphite & Titanium
Chateau Blend: Graphite, Slate & Titanium
Frost Blend: Cement, Cottonwood & Snow
Little Pine Key Blend: Emerald, Evergreen & Moss
Sycamore Blend: Chestnut, Mink & Suede
Pacific Blend: Blue Lagoon, Blue Lagoon Matte & Indigo
Aquarium Blend: Blue Lagoon, Sea Glass & Water Lily
Custom Blend: Any SenecaStudio combination

SenecaMetal Blends
Metallic Blend: Aged Nickel, Burnished Copper & Brushed Nickel
Marrakesh Blend: Blue Lagoon, Water Lily, Aged Nickel, Burnished Copper
Copper Brown Blend: Burnished Copper & Suede
NickelBlack Blend: AgedNickel & Ebony


Photo color may vary depending on your device. We recommend requesting color samples from your Seneca Tile distributor.