SenecaCotto Collection - Weathered Flashed

The SenecaCotto Metallic collection consists of four colors in the standard brick size of 2 5/8″ x 8″ in a very handcrafted, worn and weathered surface: Aged Silver, Brushed Silver, Aged Bronze, Brushed Bronze.

From America, Ohio craftsmen have developed the most unique real clay terracotta. Originally developed as an unglazed brick-like product primarily for floors, SenecaCotto is now available in four distinct metallic glazes. Only from hands-on craftsmanship, combined with multiple layers of hand-applied glazes, can such authenticity, character, charm and unique originality emerge.

Manufactured in the standard 2 5/8” x 8” brick size, with other standard SenecaCotto sizes available as custom order, SenecaCotto has the worn and weathered texture found only in a truly handmade product made centuries ago. See installation and maintenance instructions available from your Seneca Tiles distributor. Additional samples are necessary to see the full range.


Photos on the website may vary dependent on your computer or device. It’s always best to ask your Seneca Tile distributor for current run color samples.