SenecaCotto Collection - Weathered Flashed


From America, Ohio craftsmen have developed the most unique real clay terracotta available. Not a glazed replica of this most storied product, but an authentic unglazed tile with a rich centuries-old appearance. Only from hands-on craftmanship, combined with the “soaking” and “flashing’ of Seneca Tiles turn-of-the-century beehive kilns, can such authenticity, character, charm and unique originality emerge. Seneca Cotto has the worn and weathered texture found only in a truly handmade product made centuries ago.

!Important! Prior to installation, SenecaCotto is a natural unglazed clay terracotta, and sealing is important for both maintenance and final appearance. Tiles from the factory may appear whiter/lighter than showroom displays. Following factory sealing instructions will provide the expected final color and shade.

Brick Cotto Unflashed, Brick Cotto Flashed, Weathered Cotto Unflashed, Weathered Cotto Flashed