Quarry Pavers

Unglazed Quarry Paver Collection - Red Ironspot


Seneca Tiles Quarry Pavers are made one at a time, featuring crisp corners and edges and minor surface and color variations. These unique characteristics set Seneca Quarry Pavers apart from the mechanical apperarance of mass-produced tiles. Dense and durable tiles are formed from the finest shale and fire clays.


GLAZED Highlighted by naturally occuring ironspots, Glazed Quarry Pavers have a beautiful shaded range within each color.

UNGLAZED UNFLASHED Unglazed Unflashed Quarry Pavers are the most uniform group of unglazed tiles and are characterized by solid colors ranging from light dark.

UNGLAZED FLASHED ONLY Unique, natural brick-like shaded tiles – warm, rich, variegations from the center of each tile, outward, form a darker frame, sometimes referred to as a “heart”.

UNGLAZED IRONSPOT In Ironspot tiles, naturally occuring iron in the clay comes to the surface during flashing and form distinctive flecks which creates a beautiful range of textures.

UNGLAZED FLASHED BLEND Flashed Blend is the combination of Ironspot and Flashed Only tiles. Combining the two brings together the full range of tiles produced by a long, slow, firing and flashing process unique to beehive kilns. After firing, the tile is separated by hand depending on visual characteristics, into either Flashed Only or Ironspot ranges. Flashed Only and Ironspot are sold separately ~ or customers may order Flashed Blend which is the combination of both Ironspot AND Flashed Only.

All tiles are available in sizes ranging from 1″ all the way to 12″. All colors are available in all sizes. Please refer to page in brochure download for sizes and shapes for more information.

Seneca Tiles introduces Quarry Pavers SenecaSatins Decoratives. From the Bauhaus-inspired Dimensions Collection to the rainforest inspired Amazon Collection, these high-relief designs offer unlimited possibilities. Decoratives are available in all 9 Seneca Satins colors.

Quarry Paver mosaic tiles are available in all the Quarry Paver colors including Glazed, Unglazed, Unflashed as well as the SenecaSatins color palette. Mosaic Patterns available are shown below

Quarry Paver trim tiles are available in Glazed, Unglazed, and SenecaSatins.

Photos on the website may vary dependent on your computer or device. It’s always best to ask your Seneca Tile distributor for current run color samples.