3" Hex Frost Blend
8" Hex Frost Blend
Rhomboid Frost Blend
2 1/4" x 8" Glacier Blend
2 1/4" x 8" Glacier Blend
2 1/4 x 8 Glacier Blend
8" Hex Glacier Blend
2 x 9 Hex, Frost
Hex Key Largo Blend
4" Hex Coconut Blend
Coconut Blend
1 1/2" x 1 1/2" Rainforest Blend
Rainforest Blend
New England Blend
Caribbean Blend
Icelandic Blend
1 1/2" x 1 1/2" Desert Blend
Muir Woods Blend
8" Fan Copper Brown Blend
Sophia Nickel Black Blend, Ebony & Aged Nickel
4" Arabesque Marrakesh Blend, Blue Lagoon, Water Lily, Burnished Copper & Aged Nickel
1" x 6" Blue Lagoon & Water Lily
8" Fan Blue Lagoon, Turquoise & Water Lily


Create a completely unique installation by grouping three or four colors of the rich varied palette of Seneca Tiles into a Blend in either Quarry or Handmold. Create your own Blend or choose from Seneca’s Blends including –
Quarry: Frost, Little Pine Key, Sycamore, Copper Brown, Nickel Black, Marrekesh, Aquarium.
Handmold: Glacier, Coconut, Key Largo, New England, Desert, Rainforest, Icelandic, Caribbean & Muir Woods.




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3" Hex Frost Blend

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